• Wedding in South America Wedding in South America
  • Wedding in South America Wedding in South America
  • Wedding in South America Wedding in South America

Weddings in South America

A continent starting just above the equator and stretching across the seas nearly touching Antarctica. South America offers couples a vast array of locations for a destination wedding. In luxury or in simplicity, in nature or bustling cities, in exotic richness or clean windblown flatland, any sort of wedding can be created here. The Casa San Augustin will introduce you to the quaint fishing village of Cartagena in Colombia with spirit and comfort. Able to offer local specialties (they cure their beef themselves), you reception will take just the right tone in the private courtyard, or tasteful rooms.

Ecuador is not only the jumping off point for the Galapagos islands, it is a spectacular destination of itself. In Peru, Nothing can beat Hotel Monasterio  for luxury or situation. They can organize your wedding in their glorious 500 year old chapel, and your honeymoon is in place, since Machu Picchu, the ‘Lost City of the Incas’ is reached right from Cusco by the little train that winds along the misty slopes into this fascinating world, so well hidden, that it was only discovered in 1911.

If you prefer a more improvised atmosphere, what will suit you more than Rio De Janero? Home of carnival and the heart of beach culture, get your party started at the Copacabana Palace hotel, able to offer several wedding venues within their lustrous marble halls. Dive into the Andes, near the mystical prehistoric site of Tiwanaku, and stay at the Salt Hotel south of La Paz. Be aware that rules prohibit licking the walls, but otherwise enjoy the sauna and salt water pool. If you are looking for alternative destinations for your wedding, you’ve hit the jackpot here!

Set at the foot of the Piane Masiff, on the edge of the Salto Chico waterfall, the Hotel Paine Salto Chico in Chile will capture the heart of every guest at your wedding, and leave a lasting image of purity, wilderness, water, and air and set your wedding in its rightful place among the forces of nature.

Fire your passion in Argentina, home of the Tango, the penguins, the breathtaking landscape. Bueno Aires is a city that would take a lifetime to explore, but from the Park Hyatt, you will get a good start, and the sky is the limit on a Glam wedding here. Retreat into the countryside for a softer tone, to the famous Mendoza valley. At Cavas Wine Lodge, the couple can have a bath of red wine, literally, to get things started on the right note. Any way you look at it, South America is waiting to surprise you, but watch out, once you’ve been there, it will be top of the list for all future anniversary trips!

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