• Wedding in Fiji by Cheer Photos Wedding in Fiji by Cheer Photos
  • Wedding in Fiji by Cheer Photos Wedding in Fiji by Cheer Photos

Weddings in Fiji

Fiji as a wedding destination is equivalent to being married in paradise. The transparent water, the powdery stretches of white sand, the thick, flowering  jungle with emerald carpet, you’re not in Kansas now! Colonial towns here are much as they were 150 years ago, and just possibly you could arrange your service in one of the traditional venues, a chapel or local city hall. The max in technology in the registry may be an electric fan, and your union will surely be registered in pen and ink, but in a way that adds to the experience when we are talking about a tiny island in the South Pacific. Only 110 of the 332 islands are inhabited, so expect simplicity.

The Jean Michel Cousteau Resort is an exceptional venue, dedicated  to the spirit of eco friendliness, and  to introducing you to the best of Fiji, including diving in the coral reef, and visits to the market, village and mangroves. Their 17 acres of coconut grove have only 25 Bures, guaranteeing utter privacy. They have a great wedding package and carry through with their typical native friendliness and care.

If strolling the beach is not enough activity for you and your guests, Look into Pacific Harbour where you can try shark feeding (in the water!), jet water skiing, and amazing fishing.

Turtle Island is ‘wedding central’ in Fiji. The location is an extensive complex and the management has considerable experience in weddings. Their staff are proud of their reputation as the friendliest people in the world, and will prepare traditional Fijan attire for the wedding, made from tree bark and hand painted. A trumpeting conch shell announces the arrival of the bride on a wooden raft, and the ceremony concludes with roast pork or seafood. The locals and staff will join in the toast celebrating your choice of Fiji as a wedding destination.


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