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  • Wedding in Austria Wedding in Austria by Michael Schnabl

Weddings in Austria


Austria is a quiet European destination with breathtaking mountains and valleys ornamented with gothic churches perched among the high pastures. Spend time together walking alpine paths to hidden lakes, hunting wild flowers and listening to the church bells from the valley. In winter, the best men can race the groom down the Olympic slopes,  while the bridesmaids help choose the wedding cake at a local bakers that looks like a doll’s house. All of the best that Austria has to offer can be found at the Schloss Fuschl Hotel. A venue set on its own lake, it has a wooden boathouse with an extended dock area, and dining over the lake in summer. The ample buildings of typical Austrian architecture are elegantly arranged inside, and on a snowy day can feel like a royal retreat, and it is only two steps from Salzburg. If you prefer to arrange the ceremony in one of the tiny chapels of a mountain village, then hold reach your private chalet by motorski and prepare hot chocolate as the guests arrive to a private home reception, villa renters will help you select the perfect size and location.

High romance is arriving in Cinderella’s carriage at Belvedere Palace di Vienna, a gracious venue where dreams and reality mingle. Footmen open the doors to your reception on the grand terrace where impeccable service will delight the company with local specialties. The Sacher Hotel in Vienna is the place where the famous Sachertorte was invented, and such an amazing dessert is not the only reason to plan your destination  wedding there. The rooms are a tasteful blend of freshness and classic elegance, and the staff will guarantee  completely professional management of every moment of your weekend. As a location, Vienna is one of the most comfortable cities to choose for a wedding, broad avenues and perfectly manicured gardens knit this small city together. It is nearly impossible to get lost, and on every corner there is something tempting to look at or taste.  Agatha Christie can accompany you on the honeymoon when you take off on the Orient Express. Be sure to have your camera as you head east though the mountains, by the end of the ride,  you will have a wedding album like no other.

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