• Wedding in Costa Rica Wedding in Costa Rica
  • Wedding in Costa Rica Wedding in Costa Rica

Weddings in Costa Rica

One of the top destinations in the world for human and environmental values.  Costa Rica sets the standard for the rest of us, having abolished their army once and for all in 1949. Getting married here would make a statement even if it were an arid wasteland, but, fortunately, bridging the Caribbean and the Pacific, it is a glorious country offering everything to delight the senses and engage the mind.

The Four Seasons have featured weddings prominently on their estate at peninsula Papagayo. They chose a location near the national parks of Santa Rosa and Volcan Tenorio, to offer the largest spectrum of activities possible at great convenience. While maintaining their famous standards of excellence, they opted for a less formal atmosphere, far from the posh cloud of luxury, this top venue invites you to get out and experience your surroundings. They can incorporate as many elements as you care to choose into your event, and guarantee an amazing destination wedding.

The Gran Hotel Costa Rica in San Joseis a venue that  may feel like you’ve turned time back to the 1970’s. The rooms are clean and spacious but little has changed over the past 40 years. The tiled public rooms with velour and leather furnishings could have been one of the sets from a Colombo, if he’d ever gone abroad. The ceiling fans, electric cooling attached to a plug, and even the mustard colored damask runner on the coffee table hark back to a bygone era. Jim Morrison must have stayed in any number of hotels like this one. The large Caffe Bistrot on the ground floor is the highlight of this historic establishment, but they have large private rooms for functions. Set right in the middle of San Jose the Gran Hotel will give you the advantages of a venue in a central position in the capital of Costa Rica.

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