Weddings in Central America

Don’t try to be conventional here, let the atmosphere of the exotic landscape, the ancient civilizations, and local character determine what your wedding will be. Will a monkey come sit at the table, or will the couple be married in colorful loin cloths with tattoo like decorations painted  in fruit ink all over their bodies? Will the villagers start dancing the bambuco as you end the ceremony? Let it happen. The ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala can be visited from the comfortable Hotel Peten Esplendido, with AV equipment and banqueting halls, all your guests will feel comfortable, or the more luxurious Westin Camino Real.  However if a thatched roof is no problem, take it a step further to the Laguna Lodge on Lake Atitlan. Here the wines for your reception are imported, but the coffee is picked on their very own slopes and roasted that day.

Brush up on your Creole before you take off for Belize, the heart of Mayan civilization. The ultimate marine escape is at hand on the private island resort of Cayo Espanto, offering every luxury you have ever imagined. Watch a stingray pass under the cabin from your armchair over the glass floor of your villa suspended over the sea. Have your massage, pedicure and facial right on the beach in a grove of tropical green, dine on seafood all day long.

In Honduras, Palmetto Bay Resort will realize every aspect of your ceremony with palms and shells, right down to the ceremony in the pavilion out ON the water. Or in Nicaragua, the Aqua Wellness Resort will combine the jungle and beach in a sort of treehouse arrangement that is so appealing that your wedding party will last well beyond the day of the ceremony. Or go for real adventure in Costa Rica’s Tortuguero national Park nature sanctuary. There is no pool or spa here, but  in the simplicity of a rainforest cabin at Sabalo Lodge you will find yourself fully immersed in wild, green, and living things. Spend your honeymoon on the Rainforest and Reef field course. Could you get any further from traffic or the computer, than canoeing down the river with binoculars sighting wild Tucans? Panama offers the ultimate in alternative destination weddings among the Embera tribe who will greet you, clothe you, paint you, and celebrate with you as one of the tribe.

Central America’s varied landscape and wildlife, ancient history and people will welcome you warmly and share with you all they have to give in food, scenery, and traditions. Let yourself enter their world as through the looking glass.

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