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  • Wedding in Cuba Wedding in Cuba Cristina Craft
  • Wedding in Cuba Wedding in Cuba Cristina Craft

Weddings in Cuba

Havana, color your wedding with local culture and music. The capitol of Cuba is what really brings you to this country in the first place. A concentration of old and new in the Caribbean, and a walk on the wild side of city life. Plan your wedding at the Saratoga, a venue that ensures cool elegance and capable management in this exotic destination. They have a gym, spa and swimming pool to make it easy on families attending your wedding, and at the heart of old Havana, everyone will be able to explore on their own.

If you want a location where you can get away from everything, and hold a ceremony as far from the commercial atmosphere as possible, go to one of the most remote locations of Nueva Gerona, just off the mainland. This venue is appropriate only for an extremely low key weddings with maybe two guests, since the main Hotel, Villa Choli, has only two rooms available! Another way to avail of the remote, pristine beaches, is rental, through an established entity such as Rent Cuban House. Their personnel are experts in this sector and can find the perfect location in the countryside where you can rent a villa and organize everything yourself for a signature wedding.  A chaplain form the local church can be engaged to celebrate, and local fare can make for an unusual reception if picnic tables suit your style. 


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