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Weddings in Malaysia

Jakarta, Java, Sumatra, Irian Jaya, these names evoke images of exotic destinations  veiled in an aura of romance. Part of the ‘Coral triangle’, Indonesia is smack in the middle of the richest marine eco system in the world. Here you will find more varieties of fish than there are birds in the Amazon. So how about a venue in the middle of the sea? The  Sipadan – Kapalai Dive Resort was built right at the edge of a living coral reef. The sea is everything here, from morning to night.

 Malaysia also boasts fantastic modern architecture and excellent transportation. The Four Seasons Langkawi is a venue that  will bring all that is wonderful in Malaysia to your wedding experience. The rainforest, the beach, the gracious hospitality of this welcoming country will embrace you and your guests from start to finish. The reflective, almost spiritual aura of this environment will help create focus, and provide opportunities to relax together.

Indoors or out, the Rasa Sayang, a Shangri la location, will organize a beautiful gala wedding and reception. Planned to imitate a village, guests will have a fairytale campus to wander about in, room hopping and pool side chats will be the order of the day to get all the details in focus for your dream wedding.

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