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Weddings in Japan

In the area near Kyoto there is one of the most esthetically interesting hotels in the world. The motto of the Hoshinoya is:’ Discover the ultimate Japan experience’, and if that is why you are planning your wedding in Japan, then you have ended your search for the perfect venue. The architecture is much influenced by traditional Japanese models, with just a few modifications to accommodate western expectations. The spa and kitchen are the areas where the least concessions have been made, and there you will really experience the thrill of travel.

The long list of superb hotels available in Tokyo, will dazzle you, but near the old town, Shibuya Granbell Hotel is a venue that can arrange a reception for you at a more moderate price, or slightly further out, the  contemporary venue of the Claska Hotel will provide a more Japanese experience, and they specialize in weddings!

Kick off your honeymoon, at one of the traditional Ryokan inns which are essentially spa centers near natural hot springs. There is a specific set of coded behavior which you ought to become familiar with before going, but the experience will be well worth the slight effort of preparation. In winter, try the Manza Onsen at the Nisshinkan Ryokan. There are both indoor and outdoor hot baths, where you bathe outdoors with snow all around you in winter. Another very special choice of location is the Okuhida hot springs with a collection of small Ryokan to choose from, a great place to get naked and clop around in your wooden slippers!

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