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Indonesia is more of a concept than a place, 17,508 islands, hundreds of ethnic groups and languages, and the second highest level of bio diversity in the world. This country will be the setting for a destination wedding that is both intriguing and beautiful. The terraced rice fields are a marvel of ingenuity, as are the temples which harmonize with the landscape, and the local traditions of shadow puppets, and stylized dancing are enchanting. Jakarta has the same nervous energy as any big busy city that you can find anywhere in the world, and in such cities space is a premium value. The Dharmawangsa Hotel is an exclusive wedding location because it offers just that, space. It is a nicely proportioned building rather than a skyscraper, with a lovely garden surrounding it, and large comfortable rooms for guests. There are a number of venue options for your wedding right in the hotel from very large to quite intimate. They are all tastefully arranged, and there is staff within the hotel  set aside to make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

Down near Bali, The Ketapang Estate Hotel is a location far from the noise and confusion of the city. Set right on the seaside, it offers a peaceful context in which your wedding will have all the advantages of natural beauty enhanced by striking architecture. They transform their docks into an outdoor chapel so that you can be married literally on the sea, and the care they take with the presentation of food brings dining to a higher level.

Equally beautiful is the venue of Alila Villas Uluwatu. This entire estate is a work of art, and the rooms are more of an open plan. There ceremonies can take place in a contemporary wooden latticework space right on the shore of the seaside. They have a spa, gym, and yoga in the mornings.

If you prefer the interior, the Viceroy Hotel Bali is gracefully perched on a hilltop in the middle of the forest. They can help organize a truly traditional wedding saturated with flowers and incense. This hotel is near the Royal Palace so there are plenty of day trips that can be planned to make your wedding a fantastic holiday for everyone.

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