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Weddings in Morocco

Casablanca probably rates as one of the most romantic films of all time. This alone may be the reason you are considering Morocco as the location for your wedding, but there are many other reasons to go there. An Islamic country and ruled by a King, it is the most western of the African territories. The bazars, the intricate stone carvings, the spices, the desert all add up to adventure. Moreover, as a wedding destination, Morocco has a rich tradition of marriage rituals which you may want to integrate into your wedding. The Hamas, the henna and local music, dance and food are unlike anywhere else. The pulsating city of Marrakech has a number of great hotels that will make your wedding memorable. The El Saadi palace and villas is a venue infused with the spirit of Morocco. Terra cotta, marble and colorful tiles ornament the buildings. Wood and stucco designs, palms and gardens will flavor your ceremony with the orient. Why not plan the ceremony under the loggia of the tea house just beside the pool? If he says ‘no’ you can just toss him right in!

The Royal Mansour is a location that is nothing less than royal in its arrangements. Also set in the heart of Marrakech, the ripple of water in the tiled atrium will immediately separate you from the dusty crowded city outside. The furnishings will render you speechless with their tasteful richness. The reception dinner can be arranged either in true Morrocan style complete with traditional dancing, or in the French style, down to the crystal salt and pepper service.

If the big city was not on your agenda, the Soffitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort is a venue that will unite oriental graciousness with international beachside comforts. Pour out cool wine under the palms with the surf beating the sand just beyond the immaculate lawn. Abracadabra: the perfect wedding!

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